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Socket Spanner Set

June 7, 2018 8:26 am Published by Leave your thoughts


12 Piece socket Spanner set

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12PCS; 1/2″; ALL SOCKETS: 6PT, MATERIAL: CRV 50BV30, 2 TONE WITH LATHE KNURLING, 1/2”DR. REGULAR, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, L ENGTH: 38MM, 10PCS (YT-1203 – 10MM/ YT-1204 – 11MM/ YT-1205 – 12MM/ YT-1206 – 13MM/ YT-1207 – 14MM/ YT-1208 – 15MM/ YT-1 210 – 17MM/ YT-1212 – 19MM/ YT-1214 – 21MM/ YT-1217 – 24MM); EXTENSION BAR 1/2″DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 127MM (YT-1247); CURVED RATCHET HANDLE WITH TPR HANDLE 1/2″DR., LENGTH: 255MM, CRV6140 (YT-0732)

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